Does This Train Go Up Hawk Mountain? The cover of Wally's book on the WK&S Railroad at Kempton, Pennsylvania is shown here.

Wally's popular history of Dorney Park book cover is shown here. Buy your copy at any bookstore, or at

Here's Wally showing off next to a sign promoting a speaking engagement with Bob Ott at the Whitehall Historical Preservation Society.



Thanks for stopping here to view my website. I am thrilled that you took a moment to stop in. The purpose of this site is to put all my things that I like to show off, in one place. It also gives you the chance to click on stories that I wrote and read up on my ramblings. Some of these articles have been published -- most have not. But, published or not, I love to share them with my friends.

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Wally Ely

A list of Wally's "short stories." Many are almost memoire-like. There are more in the section of this website called "My Works." At either page,click on any that might interest you with my compliments! Enjoy!

Wally Ely